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Have you a favourite fragrance or perfume that you can no longer find? Perhaps one that conjures up magical memories and lifts your spirits on gloomy days. Let us find it for you.

Sublime Sourcery are a dedicated fragrance sourcing service. We locate any discontinued, unusual, vintage or hard to find fragrances, scents and perfumes. You can simply order online your favourite fragrance and we will do the rest.

Just click the "Fragrance Request Form" link above for secure online ordering, fill in the request form and we will leave no stone unturned to find your magical fragrance or perfume for you.

Alternatively print out the form, fill it in & return it by fax to the number printed on the form or send it by mail to our registered address.

For general enquiries please e-mail:

Telephone orders welcome: +44 (0)20 8679 8244 (please see terms and conditions page)

Sourcing Fee £22 per fragrance/perfumery brand sourced (inclusive of postage and packing).


We are delighted to introduce our new service -
The "Sublime Sourcery Treasure Trove". 
Here you will find rare and unusual items and who knows you may even find your magical fragrance!!! And remember there is no sourcing fee to add for treasure trove items.
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Each month, to be featured on our fragrance of the month page, we will select a fragrance or perfume which we feel has extra special qualities or which in some way has an extra special place in the world of perfumery.

But which shall we choose we ask ourselves? And if you knew nothing about fragrance where would you start! For us to select just one fragrance, scent or perfume that we feel we would not wish to live without would be very challenging, but choosing key fragrances for different moods and different seasons - that is a delight!

For cold winter days the warmth and heaviness of the Oriental fragrances cuts through the gloom. Full of rich spices and warm resinous ambery notes, they conjure up memories of festive meals and walks in the snow, warm glowing fires and romantic moments sealed with Champagne. We think Cinnabar by Estee Lauder is the ultimate Christmas fragrance so full of Orange and Spice so warm and comforting. Yes Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is also fabulous but not quite the same. We also adore “Youth Dew” however one of my colleagues so identifies the smell with her dear departed grandmother that she cannot wear it. Strangely enough the legendary “Tabu” by Dana (very reasonably priced) us as welcome on a sultry summer day as a cool winter evening. For formal winter occasions you could try the sparkling stunning “Sublime” by Jean Patou. This is one of Sublime Sourcery’s top 3 fragrances and we are forever indebted to Monsieur Kerleo for his wonderful creation.

Of the florals a warm rich Tuberose is lovely for Winter months - Floris made a lovely one until very recently - we understand that they have recently discontinued it! Perhaps you will love “Fracas” by Robert Piguet” or the lovely “Chloe” by Karl Lagerfeld. Versace’s “Blonde” is also a wonderful Tuberose scent - created by Versace himself for his sister Donatella - although no longer produced it is still available - and a real collectors ‘must have’

And so to Spring and the fresh vibrant colours of Spring flowers, the smell of new mown grass and long light filled evenings stretching out before us. If you still crave orientals, try the glorious “Must de Cartier”, with its wonderful “Aliage”- like top and “Shalimar” base, it is freshness and warmth all rolled into one. Of the florals, “Diorissimo” is an excellent choice. Classified as a single floral composition - pure Lily of the Valley - wonderful! It is of course quintessentially Christian Dior. Monsieur Dior considered Lily of the Valley his lucky flower. It is said that at his funeral his coffin was covered with only one flower - his beloved Lily of the Valley. If we could choose only one Dior fragrance it would be “Diorissimo”.

Perhaps you are a lover of “Chypre” fragrances. Chypre is the French name for the magical island of Cyprus which so inspired Francoise Coty, he named his famous fragrance “Chypre” after it. So from just one fragrance - created by that giant of the perfumery industry - was born a whole fragrance family - The “Chypre”. Of that family we can highly recommend the wonderful “Ma Griffe”. Created by Madame Carven and launched in 1946 it is a classic Chypre fragrance.

You could also try the wonderful Floral Aldehyde bouquet “Le Dix” by Balenciaga, with its warm top including peach and coriander, and heart notes, including Jasmine and lilac - it is an enchanting bouquet.

And which would you choose for Summer? We look forward to giving you some inspired ideas. If you have a special perfume, discontinued or hard to find fragrance that you would like us to feature please let us know and we will consider it for this special page.

We welcome any comments that you may have which would help us improve our fragrance sourcing service. Our service also includes complimentary gift-wrapping tailored to each individual fragrance or parfum.

Wishing you much magic
Sublime Sourcery

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